深圳市云素科园科技文化有限公司 was founded in April 2014. We are a group of founders, who had contributed themselves to Sound and Lighting technology came together to enrich the visitor-going experience. We developed more projects for Ocean Park - 2017-19 Lighting project, HKIFC - 2017-18 Christmas decoration, Home Square - 2014-2020 Game development, Sai Hung Kai Property 2018 Solar system exhibition, Provincial Department of Shenzhen - Stage production, Guizhou high railway station - Lighting project, Foxconn Anniversary - Stage production, Shenzhen Music Festival - Stage production & Remote-controlled LED sticks for all the audience, etc.

PMG, Live Green, Landscape design lit up by Green energy

We understand that Hong Kong is a bustling city, so we cherish Hong Kong nature landscape and would like to improve not only the efficiency of your gardening work but also the enjoyment of staying outdoors. Every time when we see our client partying with our BBQ grill in the romantic light shielded by solar light, we feel so happy that we are not selling product but creating a relaxed moment out of high pressure life in Hong Kong.

We have successfully served hundreds of gardeners by providing LED lighting, Solar LED and other relevant products as well as gardening accessories installation service.

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